ZC Rubber Europe appoints Ákos Barcsik new Deputy Managing Director

ZC Rubber has announced the appointment of Ákos Barcsik as Deputy Managing Director of ZC Rubber Europe.

Barcsik will oversee ZC Rubber’s global sales in Europe as well as the development of TBR products for the European market.

During his career at ZC Rubber since 2017, Ákos was first responsible for field engineers and then sales manager for ZC Rubber Europe. Ákos has contributed greatly to the development and improvement of WESTLAKE Generation II truck tyres. Since becoming European Sales Manager in 2021, ZC Rubber Europe has seen a significant increase in sales performance.

With Barcsik in the lead, ZC Rubber Europe’s sales network has grown considerably. The company has successfully completed original equipment with leading commercial vehicle OEMs including Schmitz Cargobull, Kögel Trailer and Krone Trailer.

“Ákos has proven to be a valuable asset to our European team with its diverse expertise and extensive industry experience. We are confident that we will have more success in the European market as Ákos assumes the role of leading the company’s presence in this region,” said ZC Rubber.

Barcsik has over 15 years of experience in the automotive and tire industry. Prior to joining ZC Rubber, he served as Country Manager Field Engineers for nine years at Bridgestone East Europe.

Mary I. Bruner