Yeast Extract Market Size and Share

Pune, India, September 08, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

The global yeast extract market size is expected to witness a substantial growth rate over the forecast period, owing to the growing demand for bakery and confectionery products. Here is a regional overview of the trends that are increasing the market size:

  1. North America (regional valuation to exceed USD 500 million by 2028)

High consumption of baked goods is fueling demand for baker’s yeast:

The baker’s yeast segment will represent an important part of North America Yeast Extract Market by 2028. The total consumption rate of bakery and other confectionery products is increasing at a notable rate every year in the region. Baker’s yeast is becoming popular in bakeries as the product helps in proper fermentation of various baked goods.

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Yeast extract paste is gaining momentum in demand:

North America Yeast Extract Paste Market Revenue will grow steadily by 2028 as the nutritional content of this form of extract is highly concentrated. Yeast extract paste is also readily available in stores. Easier access to nutritious foods gained prominence during the early stages of the COVID-19 pandemic, accelerating demand for products.

Hydrolyzed yeast technology used in animal feed:

The North American yeast extract industry’s share in the hydrolyzed yeast technology segment will grow at a notable rate by 2028. This technology is widely regarded as an excellent alternative source of protein for animal feed , as it reduces dependence on heavy antibiotics, thus promoting animal welfare.

Reputable food companies like Cargill are increasing their investments in animal nutrition centers, further bolstering the use of hydrolyzed yeast technology in animal feeds.

  1. Asia-Pacific (regional valuation to exceed USD 650 million by 2028)

Brewer’s yeast will gain popularity for its health benefits:

The brewer’s yeast segment will capture a significant share of Asia-Pacific Yeast Extract Market by 2028. One of the main reasons for this is the nutritional benefits offered by this type of yeast extract. Brewer’s yeast is a rich source of nutrients, such as vitamin B, selenium and chromium, making it one of the most popular products among vegetarian customers in the region.

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Role of yeast extracts in the pharmaceutical industry:

The APAC market revenue from the application of the pharmaceutical sector reached USD 80 million in 2021 owing to the multiple health benefits provided by the product.

Medicines containing yeast extracts are made up of high concentrations of probiotics, making them ideal for treating a variety of ailments. These include colds, cholesterol, diarrhea, premenstrual syndrome and respiratory infections.

China yeast extract market value will increase:

The size of the Chinese market will increase at a considerable rate by 2028, as companies across the country intensify their efforts to improve the production rate of yeast extracts. For example, in April 2021, Angel Yeast (Dehong) announced plans to establish a new green yeast extract manufacturing plant to achieve an annual output of around 15,000 tons.

The total investment value for this project was USD 71 million. Such initiatives will drive the demand for yeast extracts among food manufacturers.

  1. Europe (regional valuation expected to exceed USD 600 million by 2028)

Hydrolyzed yeast technology is widely used in animal feed:

Yeast extract market size in Europe of the Hydrolyzed Yeast Technology segment will witness a significant growth rate during the forecast period 2022-2028. This technology is seeing robust applications in pet food to improve palatability, while supporting gut health and digestion.

The increasing establishment of animal nutrition laboratories by leading nutrition and food processing companies like ADM to create feed additives will further accelerate the adoption of this technology.

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Using yeast extract paste will increase:

The Europe Yeast Extract Paste industry value will increase at a steady rate by 2028. Yeast Extract Paste is widely used in animal feed owing to the nutritional benefits of the product such as as the protection of animals against chronic diseases and the improvement of their immune system with the help of beta-glucans and yeast mannans.

The UK is emerging as a lucrative market for yeast extract products:

The UK yeast extract market size is expected to be valued at USD 90 million by 2028. Investments in the animal feed industry are increasing at a promising rate to promote animal welfare.

For example, in May 2022 supermarkets across Britain invested heavily to save the UK’s declining pig farming sector. The number of food and beverage manufacturing companies is also increasing in the region, thus amplifying the production of yeast extract products.

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