Warning on EU roaming charges as costs rise for tourists in Europe | Travel News | Travel

Unwitting holidaymakers who relied on their phones to stay in touch, find places and use social media have been hit with hefty bills after their breaks this summer. These sums reached £1,000 for a single bank holiday for the most unfortunate, with the average of those surveyed being in the hundreds of pounds.

Since Brexit, UK mobile providers are no longer obliged to provide free roaming in the European Union (EU) and most major networks have reintroduced overseas charges.

For example, 35% of Britons said in a survey last month that they had been charged extra for roaming while on holiday in the EU.

Almost a quarter (23%) were in the 25-34 age group, while 20% were over 65 years old.

The poll, commissioned by the Lebara Mobile network, found most Britons were stung by data charges in Spain, France and Greece, popular holiday destinations.

Mobile data is used to consult maps, use social media, send and receive messages on certain occasions, stream music and videos, among other functions.

The research comes as Britons scramble to return abroad after years of travel restrictions imposed in the wake of coronavirus.

And with the growing cost of living crisis still looming, struggling Britons are canceling mobile, internet and TV service contracts in order to pay other bills.

Rajesh Dongre, Managing Director of Lebara UK, said: “After two years of the pandemic, British families want to get away for a well-deserved holiday abroad, but the current cost of living crisis is hitting everyone hard. In an overstretched travel budget, roaming charges to use your network abroad are an added drag during these difficult times.”

Vodafone was the network most used to access the web by respondents, followed by Tesco Mobile, O2 and EE.

But Lebara, which is a network partner and available in various countries around the world, now manages SIM offers only with Vodafone.

Mr Dongre continued: “Our mission is to help people save money on their mobile phone bills. Unlike many major network operators, we do not reinstate roaming charges in the EU. , and those traveling within the EU on vacation can use their phone just as they would at home, at no additional cost.They can use all of their available data allowance on the plan while roaming in the EU – up to to a maximum of 30 GB.”

According to Ofcom’s Communications Affordability Tracker for July 2022, 9% of Britons said they had canceled a telecommunications service due to affordability concerns, up from just 5% last year.

Mary I. Bruner