War in Ukraine raises fears in Eastern Europe, says Chicago congressman Mike Quigley

Poland and other Eastern European countries believe that the United States will be supported in any potential conflict with Russia, but they would still feel much better if we sent more troops and supplies there as soon as possible. as possible.

This is the word of a member of the US House Intelligence Committee Mike QuigleyD-Chicago, who just returned from a nearly five-day trip to Poland, Slovakia and Romania, meeting with government officials and senior US military officials.

Quigley said he had previously met with the Ukrainian parliament, commonly known as the Rada, in Washington and did so again in Warsaw. As expected, their main request was for more military hardware, especially the artillery and other long-range devices that President Joe Biden eventually started supplying.

The Congressional delegation asked about humanitarian aid, food and medicine, etc., but got an interesting answer when they did: “At this point, more guns are humanitarian aid. If you want to prevent the destruction of hospitals and nursing homes, we need military help,” including planes, Quigley told him and his colleagues.

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Mike Quigley

What was particularly striking, however, Quigley said, was the intensity of the sentiments of the three countries, all of which are members of NATO, which the United States is bound by treaty to defend.

For them, the situation in Ukraine is not a military exercise, “It’s a war,” Quigley said. “They are incredibly grateful for what we do. They are convinced that they are next” on Vladimir Putin’s list of targets. “The is not in their backyard. It’s in the front yard.

That said, the Eastern European countries visited by Quigley share “a passionate desire that (the American presence there) be strengthened,” even more than it has been recently.

If he could give Biden any advice, it would be to publicly state that the United States will continue to supply arms to Ukraine until the end of the conflict, lest Putin think he can wait until the end of the conflict. ‘West so,’ Quigley said. And he would advise sending more of what the Ukrainians might need now to Poland, et al., so that these countries can be easily resupplied.

One thing Quigley, co-chairman of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, would not talk about, at least for now, is the status of his potential mayoral race against Lori Lightfoot. Do whatever you want with it.

Mary I. Bruner