US may send troops to Eastern Europe amid Ukraine-Russia standoff

President Joe Biden has reportedly sent thousands of American troops, warships and planes to Eastern Europe and the Balkans for fear of a Russian invasion.

The option was one of many presented by Pentagon officials to Biden during a weekend meeting at Camp David, the New York Times reported, citing administration officials. The potential move comes after the

The plan would involve 1,000 to 5,000 US troops initially, then ten times more if conditions worsen, with a decision expected as early as this week. The United States has ordered the families of US embassy staff in Ukraine to leave, fearing a possible invasion.

Britain’s Foreign Office has accused Moscow of seeking to replace Ukraine’s pro-Eastern government with a pro-Russian administration, a charge the Kremlin has dismissed.

The standoff comes following the movement of 100,000 Russian troops near Ukraine amid what Moscow sees as security threats from Western powers and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization .

Tensions weighed on Russian-themed investments, with index-listed fund VanEck Russia RSX,
by more than 13% so far in January, while the Russian ruble USDRUB,
lost 3.7% against the US dollar in January.

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Mary I. Bruner