Top 7 wonderkids outside Europe you should tune into FM22

Listen, we’ve all done it: the transfer deadline is approaching, you still need to fill a spot in your Football Manager starting XI and so you’re pulling the trigger on an expensive deal for someone you heard about talking in real life, paying these huge salaries that you know they don’t really deserve.

They’ll probably hang around on your team for a few years before you manage to replace them, selling them to someone while contributing a percentage of their salary.

This is a Football Manager error as old as time. But there is another way.

Finding value in the market is a hugely important strategy for succeeding in FM22, and looking outside of Europe you can find some exciting wonderkids for little money compared to what you would pay for a European club. .

In real life, many football clubs have started to succeed with this method.

For example, Julian Alvarez became the latest South American to be snapped up by a European club, with Manchester City pulling the trigger on a deal in January.

With that in mind, here are seven FM22 wonderkids outside of Europe you should sign for your backup.

We tried to avoid the usual names while trying to have a good breakdown of the different continents and nations as well. Rest assured, they are not all Brazilians.

Note: For many of these players, you will likely need to load their starting leagues at least read-only to ensure they appear in your database.

Juan Diego Castillo Reyes

Having a big name is an important factor in becoming a Football Manager legend and Castillo has one.

At 19, he is a Colombian goalkeeper who plays for Fortaleza CEIF in his home country and is tipped for big things.

He’s already tall in a sense, standing just 6’3″, making him the perfect height for the goalie.

Castillo has impressive stats, with 14 bravery, 13 handling and 13 aerial to hit his standout numbers.

Even better, it shouldn’t cost too much at all. His contract at the start of the game only runs until the end of December and he earns just under a thousand euros a week.

Suphanate Mueanta

The only Asian player on this list, Thai striker Mueanta is a serious talent.

The 19-year-old is a full-fledged Thailand international who plays in his home country with Buriram United and has already started breaking records.

In 2018, he became the youngest goalscorer in the history of the Thai Premier League, when he scored twice aged just 15, and he became the youngest goalscorer in the Asian Champions League a year later. late.

He’s a serious talent, represented in FM22 with 14 finishing, 13 dribbling and a gigantic determination of 18 that should see him fight for you until the very last second.

Omar Campos

Left-back Campos represents the Mexican league and indeed all of North America in this list, and he was chosen for good reason.

The attacking-minded defender is an exciting talent for Santos Laguna capable of appearing with a goal as well as crucial defensive interjection.

There have been rumors (albeit minor ones) of a possible move to Celtic, swapping one set of green and white hoops for another in a move that would tick every possible box for the cult heroes.

If his first 16 touches and 15 techniques in FM22 are almost accurate, it would be a good move from the Bhoys, but you can beat them in the fist by taking him to your side for about 6 million euros.

Maxime Perrone

We’ve already mentioned Julian Alvarez, an Argentinian switching Primera Division to Manchester City, and here’s another one who may well do the same.

Perrone de Velez is a No.6 but – and that’s probably why City want him – he seems to be much more in Rodri’s mold than Javier Mascherano.

In FM22, 16 decisions, 13 assists and 12 first touches mean he’s a 19-year-old you can trust at the base of your midfield trio to help you control games.

Beat Europe’s top flight to signing Perrone for around 3 million euros.

Ibrahim Adel

If you don’t want a goalscoring Egyptian winger in your squad, is FM really the game for you?

No, we’re not talking about Mo Salah but 20-year-old Adel who currently plays for Egyptian side Pyramids.

Obviously, he’s been compared to Salah before, and if you watch a few clips, it’s easy to see why.

He’s an Egyptian international with one cap under his belt, but he didn’t quite make the AFCON 2022 squad.

With his contract expiring near the start of the game, he offers a cheap and exciting option. If you’re playing for Liverpool, maybe even try turning him into a long-term replacement for Salah as a fun alternative.

Karim Konate

We’ve already mentioned Konaté, but this is the perfect excuse to bring him to the forefront of your mind.

The Ivorian Konaté is a serious talent, having already propelled his team from ASEC Mimosas to the Ivorian Ligue 1 title in 2021.

He made his national team debut and was even included in the Elephants squad at AFCON 2022.

A move to Europe is inevitable and will likely be a success, but even if it doesn’t work out, he has already achieved more at 17 than most players.

In FM22, he has 11 finishing and 12 dribbling as well as a tasty 15 for bravery and 14 for determination. Serious talent.

Matheus Goncalves

We’ve managed to avoid him so far, but the last player on this list was always going to be a ridiculously young Brazilian prodigy.

Football Manager has long been synonymous with Brazilian wonderkids, and who better to represent them here than 15-year-old Flamengo winger Goncalves (who we believe should take Fred’s lead and become known as Mat) .

Goncalves’ 15 dribbles, 15 determinations and, above all, 16 flairs are the standout stats, which are incredible in themselves, let alone for a 15-year-old player.

Yet they’re also joined by a host of other well-rounded stats to make Goncalves a compelling option early in his career, with his whole game set to develop and see him become a balanced and powerful attacking threat.

Oh, and he does stuff like that in real life.

By Patrick Ryan

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