Titan will sell Goodyear-branded radial agricultural tires in Europe

KIDDERMINSTER, England – Titan International Inc. has entered into a supply agreement for Goodyear-branded radial agricultural tires with an as-yet-unknown Turkish tire manufacturer for sale throughout Europe.

The agreement, revealed by Titan’s Goodyear Farm Tires business unit in Kidderminster, will help Titan meet growing demand in Europe for the Goodyear-branded products it sells under license there.

In 2015, Titan has obtained from Goodyear the rights to manufacture and distribute Goodyear-branded agricultural tires in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Russia and other countries of the former Commonwealth of Independent States. At this time, Titan purchased certain Goodyear molds and other assets located in Poland, Turkey and South Africa and moved them to its factory in Volgograd, Russia.

It relaunched Goodyear-branded agricultural/forestry tires in the European Union in 2019. In 2015, Titan estimated the market value of Goodyear’s agricultural tire business in Europe at $100 million per year.

Titan also owns the rights to sell Goodyear agricultural tires in all of the Americas.

Titan’s Goodyear Farm Tires unit said the unnamed supplier is adding capacity of up to 125,000 radial tires per year at its plant in Turkey, delivering benefits in terms of speed, availability and service to distributors and farmers, according to Titan International.

Until now, Titan has sourced radial agricultural tires from its own factories in the United States, Brazil or Russia, according to Lindsay Hart, European sales manager for Goodyear Farm Tires at Titan.

“This is a significant expansion of our offering to farmers across the UK and across Europe,” Hart said. “The fact that we will now receive a large supply of radial tyres, as well as the existing bias supply, from Turkey will make a huge difference.”

While Titan refused to identify his abduction partner, coincidentally Ozka Lastik ve Kauçuk – an independent producer of agricultural, light truck and industrial tires – announced that it has just completed a capacity expansion at its plant in Kocaeli, Turkey, focusing primarily on radial agricultural tires.

Other tire companies in Turkey with agricultural tire capability include: Anlas Anadolu Lastik in Bolu; Billas ve Kaucuk in Bilecik; Brisa Bridgestone Sabanci Lastik in Izmit; Petlas tire industry and trade in Kirsehir; and Prometeon Tire in Izmit, according to data collected by tire company for the Global Tire Annual Report.

Initially, Titan plans to offer 20 key radial sizes for European customers, with that figure expected to double by the end of the year, Titan said.

“Due to the pandemic and a host of other reasons affecting supply, customers have suffered from shortages in the supply of agricultural tires from all major manufacturers over the past 12 months, and Titan has taken this strategic decision in part in response to these issues,” Hart mentioned.

“In February we will be able to offer shorter delivery times, faster distribution, improved stock and product availability, so we are ideally placed to meet the needs of our customers in the UK and European market” , Hart said.

According to the pact Titan signed with Goodyear in 2015, Titan pays Goodyear a licensing fee of 2% of sales for the rights, including an upfront payment of $1 million.

Goodyear phased out its agricultural tire business in Europe in 2014 after failing to secure a deal to sell it to Titan; it closed a factory in Amiens, France, as part of the move.


European Rubber Journal contributed to this report

Mary I. Bruner