The new Croatian postal service is not mainstream, even in the rest of Europe

January 7, 2022 – The Croatian Post (Hrvatska posta) has been in the news intermittently for very positive reasons and because of the innovation it has introduced in recent months. This brand new Croatian postal service is not common even in much more developed European countries.

Like Poslovni Dnevnik / Lucija Spiljak Written, instead of sending certain types of mail to people’s home addresses, senders can now send registered items through digital channels for the first time thanks to another brand new and modern Croatian postal service.

This is the new eDelivery project successfully implemented by the Croatian Post, the Ministry of Justice and Administration and the IT company Sedam IT. The project developed and implemented a solution for the delivery of electronic documents to natural and legal persons, which complies with the eIDAS regulations of the European Union (EU).

“Croatian Post continues its digital transformation. This project is a novelty which is not so well represented in the EU, which puts us at the top of the EU countries which are certified for this type of service. This is a secure, channel. The registered mail that we have today in physical form is moving towards a more secure digital environment, which upon receipt is confirmed by a digital signature ”, explained Ivan Culo, chairman of the board of the Croatian Post.

Sedam IT was responsible for the development and design of the software and other key software components of this new Croatian Post service, and they created a communication channel that enabled the connection of the Croatian Post IT system and the Ministry of Justice and Administration through which electronic documents are transferred, all according to strict European standards.

The total value of the eDelivery project is 310,000 euros, and 75% of the amount has been co-financed by various grants from the Interconnection Mechanism in Europe.

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Mary I. Bruner