The man behind Coworking Bansko: one of the best European spots for digital nomads

Matthias Zeitler is the co-founder of Coworking Bansko, one of the most recognized destinations for digital nomads in Europe. This German entrepreneur, himself a digital nomad, created the refuge for foreigners five years ago.

He chose the small mountain town of Bansko, one of Bulgaria’s leading ski resorts.

“I decided that Bulgaria is actually a very interesting place because the cost of living is low. There is low taxation. It’s in Europe so you have no problem with visas and it’s amazing nature. I found Bansko, here in the Pirin mountain range. As I love the mountains, it was a natural choice for me to come here.

A place where people thrive

Coworking Bansko now has around 100 members from all over the world. Most of them work in the digital space, but there are also writers, translators, graphic designers and software developers. What makes the magic of this place, according to Matthias, is the community.

“Of course, we could all work from home, but it’s quite boring. People come here to be around like-minded people who understand your needs and your vision.

The coworking environment offers many opportunities to share skills and present. In addition, many sports and social activities are offered. Members can work while finding friends to ski and snowboard.

“It really is a mix between working and just enjoying this mountain town.”

Matthias is from Munich, Germany. He had a career in a large company in the translation and localization sector. When he started his own online marketing business, he realized he could be located anywhere. He then traveled and worked in many countries, including Russia and the United States.

“For digital nomads, it’s often a bit difficult to get online when they go to big cities. Coworking spaces that are full of freelancers who live in the city. These people already have their social networks and connections. Thus, digital nomads often choose destinations like Bansko, or Bali or Chiang Mai, where they meet many other digital nomads. People [who] they don’t have to explain that they’re not on vacation, but they actually have to work while they travel.

Matthias started this activity as a hobby, in order to be able to work and have friends.

“We were about ten friends. We rented a small apartment together. We wanted to play board games and have fun in the mountains. Since then, we have become one of the most recognized nomadic destinations in Europe. We have around 100 members on average, and of course that means there are a lot of new requirements as well.

Attract big business

Matthias wants to transform Bansko Coworking from a business he owns into something his community owns together. One of the ways it will achieve this is through “Co-living Bansko”, where they will provide accommodation for members. He also wants to grow his business by attracting businesses instead of just freelancers and individual entrepreneurs.

“It’s super important for anyone who wants to start a coworking space or a co-living space to understand first, what is the reason for starting this business? It’s a different answer for everyone, depending on their motivation So find out why you want to coworking and then build the coworking space of your dreams.

Mary I. Bruner