The 11 cheapest countries in Europe to visit in 2022

With approximately 700 million visitors per year, the tourism sector in Europe is booming. The fabulous continent is home to some of the best sights in the world, from bohemian Prague to bustling Paris and from energetic Lisbon to timeless Rome. Travelers are advised to follow one basic rule to make the most of their trip to Europe: let your heart be your guide rather than a travel guide. European culture is a superb illustration of how the set of human abilities transcends linguistic and geographical borders. No avid traveler can resist the lure of this magnificent continent; it’s more than just another place to visit. However, the majority of popular tourist destinations in Europe will also push the financial limits of travelers. Therefore, tourists need to find new ideas and travel to lesser-known but charming European countries if they are looking for the most affordable destination to visit. Here are the 11 cheapest European countries to visit in 2022.

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11 Slovakia

Slovakia is a joy to discover since it is located in the center of Europe. There are several intriguing historical sites and cultural icons for travelers to explore, including ancient castles and medieval villages hidden in breathtaking surroundings. Wherever tourists walk, they will discover the rich history and heritage of the country, and they will explore many local customs and traditions. Slovakia is blessed with beautiful landscapes in addition to its many ancient towns and villages, which are fascinating to visit.


ten Czech Republic

Significant cultural and historical cities and monuments are found in the Czech Republic, a nation that has been inscribed on the World Heritage List. Prague is by far the most famous tourist destination in the Czech Republic. The city is often considered one of the most stunning capitals in the world, with a well-kept core. The country is also rich in bewitching landscapes and natural beauty.

9 Estonia

Estonia is totally distinct, it doesn’t need to fight to stand out. The splendid allure of its capital Tallinn, designated as a UNESCO protected old town, has captured the hearts of European visitors. The mesmerizing area is currently among the most alluring cities on the continent. Additionally, Estonia’s sparsely populated countryside and vast woodlands offer spiritual nourishment to those drawn to the outdoors in urban Europe.

8 Montenegro

Montenegro is located on the border of east and west. The rugged mountains of this intriguing country bear the most exquisite scars from the collision and crushing of many civilizations. Tourists can discover the rich cultural heritage of Montenegro through brightly colored Orthodox monasteries, Roman mosaics, Venetian stone walls, Illyrian gray castles, ornate Catholic churches, humble and minimalist mosque minarets, as well as socialist-style flat structures.

seven Slovenia

Slovenia is the perfect destination for travelers looking for a green and safe getaway. The country is a wonderful symphony made up of elements from four distinct worlds that manifests itself in cuisine, culture and natural wonders. Wherever tourists go, they will find breathtaking scenery and boutique experiences, whether they like to take the well-trodden paths or go off the beaten path.

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6 Romania

The 3 best words to describe Romania are “authentic”, “natural” and “cultural”. It is a vibrant nation steeped in history, arts and stunning landscapes. There are a ton of fascinating possibilities in Romania just waiting to be discovered. A magnificent panorama of towering mountains and rolling hills is dotted with towering stone cathedrals and dazzling monasteries. While the bustling city of Bucharest is full of vitality, communities in Transylvania have lost all track of time.

  • Best destinations:
    Sinaia, Oradea, Iași, and many more.

  • Budget:

    $65 per day

5 Hungary

Hungary, a country in Central Europe, has many interesting places to visit and is easily accessible from Europe due to its strategic position. The nation is home to several charming small towns as well as low-lying mountain ranges, magnificent rivers, beautiful lakes, vast plains, and other incredible natural features.

4 Bulgaria

Bulgaria is a landscape-varied nation with a long history, which has left it rich in ancient culture and blessed with a beautiful natural environment. There is much to discover in this brave and charming Balkan country with towering granite peaks sheltering magnificent mountains, huge national parks where endangered species roam freely, stretches of sandy beaches that embrace the Black Sea, as well as remnants of the Soviet regime.

3 Belarus

Belarus, long regarded by tourists as an intriguing place, has suddenly become one of Europe’s top destinations. Easy visa procedures, thriving cafes and art scenes, and friendly locals all contribute to this push. Additionally, the capital Minsk is home to vibrant nightlife, world-class museums, and an exceptional collection of Stalin-era buildings.

2 Poland

Beautiful Poland has long been known for its hospitality. Today, the hotels of the big cities, the mansions and the castles with sumptuous decorations, as well as the magnificent farms and rural vineyards, allow visitors to experience this warm conviviality. The delicious Polish cuisine is inextricably linked to their hospitality. This nation offers a wide range of attractions, including stunning national parks, historic cities, and unique culture.

1 Serbia

As well as being one of Europe’s cheapest travel destinations, Serbia is a bustling, noisy country that’s small enough to allow travelers to experience both the urban sensuality of Belgrade and the slower pace other cities or national parks within days. . Serbia offers easy access to the diversity of cultures and history found in this part of Europe.

Mary I. Bruner