Seeking Consultants on Relocation from Europe to Dubai…

I am a western woman who voted with my feet and moved to Dubai in 2006. No other place has ever felt more like home, I feel safer in Dubai than anywhere else in the world, but I don’t feel the weight of state security/mukhabarat presence as you do in some developing or regional countries.
The infrastructure is modern, well maintained and better than in the west. We have the best roads, ports, bridges, power grid (increasingly solar), telecommunications/internet, cycle paths, sports facilities, world class entertainment, etc. I was in Tel Aviv recently and was shocked at the lack of international brands there. – we really are spoiled for choice in Dubai.
As a woman, I reached the glass ceiling quite early in my career in the West; Dubai is a true meritocracy – if you work hard and get good results, there’s no limit to what you can achieve and how far your career will go.
The cost of living has risen with inflation this year, like the world, but it’s still more affordable than any other city in the world. We have introduced a range of new visa options, which means that an investment visa is not your only option: we have remote working visas, long-stay visas and retirement visas, among others.
The government is deeply invested in supporting and empowering SMEs, women and youth, and it shows. Just look at the composition of the government here: ministries of happiness, youth, tolerance and coexistence, climate change, future, artificial intelligence. Dubai and the United Arab Emirates are THE go-to place for forward-thinking people. We even opened an incredible Museum of the Future this year!
Authorities here have handled the covid pandemic better than anywhere on earth. They took a strictly scientific approach to the situation, with a strong dose of compassion. They locked down early while stocking up on PPE, PCR tests, ventilators, vaccines and built special-purpose field hospitals. EVERYONE, regardless of nationality, residence or if they were here illegally, received free PCR tests, quarantine, medical care, vaccines. The per capita death rate in the United Arab Emirates is the lowest in the world for populations of comparable size due to intensive vaccination and mandatory masks indoors. The country’s leaders routinely and publicly thank and reward healthcare workers, including with 10-year golden visas and citizenship, free vacations. This stands in stark contrast to the horror stories of abusive patients in Western healthcare facilities. We have world-class medical professionals and facilities here, you will find exceptional opportunities for growth and career advancement.
It’s extremely family friendly and a great place to raise a family – in fact, built for families. Education/school fees can be expensive, and the best schools have long waiting lists, so be prepared and plan for any additional costs after tuition – uniforms, books/supplies, travel, etc.
I hope this is helpful. I couldn’t be happier and highly recommend Dubai to anyone looking for a decent quality of life in a respectful and welcoming society. Cultural experiences flourish and time spent in the desert or on the water is special. The northern emirates are more old school, but also with their own special offers and vibes. I hope you and your family will be happy here.

Mary I. Bruner