Portugal third most stressed country in Europe

A study by Eachnight reveals that Portugal is the third most stressed country in Europe, mainly due to a high divorce rate and a high unemployment rate.

With a score of 77.13 points, Portugal is the third most stressed country in Europe, just behind Serbia and Latvia. In addition to the second highest divorce rate in Europe, with 58.7 divorces per 100 marriages, Portugal has one of the lowest employment rates on the continent, with only 56.1% of the population employed. .

The study, conducted by sleep experts from UK organization Eachnight, assessed European countries across three categories, namely financial, professional and personal stress, to find out which countries are most and least stressed in Europe. .

Financial stress measures factors such as the poverty rate, the average price of a one-bedroom apartment and the cost of transport, while work stress is based on the employment rate, average salary, annual leave and the average travel time to get to work. Personal stress was calculated using the divorce rate, Covid-19 cases, depression cases, childcare costs and crime levels.

Serbia obtained the highest score (77.83 points), thus being the most stressed country on the continent. Serbia’s ranking is due to its monthly salary of €534.13 – the third lowest in Europe – and, at the same time, its poverty rate of 23%, the fourth highest on the continent.

With a stress level of 77.58 points, the second most stressed country in Europe to live in is Latvia, due to a divorce rate above the European average (45.7 divorces per 100 marriages) and d an employment rate of 61.6%, the sixth lowest. on the continent.

After Portugal, Greece and Spain follow (each with 74 points), Italy (73.35 points), Lithuania (71.11 points), Bulgaria (71.09 points) and Albania ( 70.88 points) in the ranking of the most stressed countries in Europe.

The UK ranked 10th in the list of Europe’s most stressed countries. Factors such as the highest average income in Europe (2,018 euros) and the highest average monthly cost of transport (188 euros) determined a total score of 70.64 points for the United Kingdom, which the third highest level of financial stress.

Less stressed

The ranking of the least stressed countries in Europe is led by Iceland, which obtained a total score of 47.41. The Nordic island is the least stressed country in terms of work factors, as it has the shortest average journey time in Europe – only 15 minutes – as well as the lowest poverty rate (9%).

Germany (49.54 points) is the second European country with the lowest levels of stress, which is partly due to a good performance in terms of work stressors. German citizens have one of the highest monthly salaries in Europe, averaging €3,031, tied with the fourth highest employment rate on the continent, with 75.6% of the population employed.

The third least stressed country on the European continent is Norway, which obtained a total score of 50.69. The Scandinavian country’s ranking is also down to a low level of work stress, with an average of 38 hours of work per week – the third lowest average in Europe – and the fifth highest average monthly salary in Europe , €3,305.91.

Mary I. Bruner