Petrol prices in Mallorca among the highest in Europe

The price of fuel in the Balearic Islands is not only the highest in Spain, it is among the highest in the eurozone. Of the 19 eurozone countries, only Greece, the Netherlands and Finland have more expensive oil than the Balearic Islands.

According to the National Ministry for Ecological Transition, the average price of 95 super unleaded in the Balearic Islands was 2.172 euros per liter last Friday; this excluded the 20 cents per liter rebate from the Spanish government. The price is higher than Germany (1,872), France (2,037) and Austria (2,089). The Spanish average is 2,100 euros per liter, one of the highest in Europe, a list that includes countries that are not part of the euro zone.

The highest prices in the euro zone are Greece (2,400 euros per litre), the Netherlands (2,352) and Finland (2,526). There are five other countries outside the euro zone with higher prices – Switzerland (2,204 euros per litre), the United Kingdom (2,211), Denmark (2,428), Iceland (2,468) and Norway ( 2.548).

The situation is similar when it comes to diesel. The average price in the Balearic Islands on Friday was 2.144 euros per liter last Friday. In the euro zone, the Netherlands (2,187 euros), Belgium (2,156) and Finland (2,497) were higher. Outside the euro zone were Denmark (2,294), Switzerland (2,303), the United Kingdom (2,304), Sweden (2,453) and Norway (2,476).

The government discount ended up being diluted. Critics say it was poorly thought out and that a tax cut would have been the most effective way to contain rising prices.

Mary I. Bruner