Numbeo ranks Malta third worst country in Europe for quality of life

Photo: Miguela Xuereb

Numbeo, an online database of user-contributed statistics on cities and countries, ranked Malta 62nd in the world and third from last in Europe in its Quality of Living Index.

Malta scored 109.50, with only Russia and Belarus faring worse out of the 36 European countries on the list.

A crowdsourced global database of reported consumer prices, perceived crime rates, quality of health care and other statistics, Numbeo has ranked 87 countries and territories for their quality of life.

Although there is no data for Malta from previous years, the index gives a clear indication of why the country has done so poorly, especially compared to other European countries.

Earlier this month, foreign residents ranked Malta among the 10 worst countries to live in, with the islands performing poorly on the environment, safety and cost of living.

The 2021 Expat Insider survey placed Malta 50th out of 59 countries, with the dubious honor of worst place to live for expats given to Kuwait.

The Numbeo quality of life index is an aggregated score based on a number of scores, including purchasing power index, pollution index, property price to income ratio, cost of living, safety index, health care index, travel time index and climate. index.

While Malta is rated very favorably for its climate and travel time, the database shows that the islands score poorly on pollution, property prices, purchasing power and, surprisingly, health care.

According to the database that allows users to share and compare cost of living information between countries and cities, only six out of 87 countries have a worse pollution score than Malta.

Malta ranks among the 10 worst countries to live in

While Malta scored ‘high’ – the lower the score the better – for water, air, noise and light pollution, it scored ‘very high’ for dissatisfaction with greenery and parks.

In the healthcare index, Malta scored ‘moderate’ on skills and competence of medical staff, equipment for modern diagnosis and treatment, friendliness and courtesy of staff, convenience of location and cost.

However, Malta scored low on timeliness of completion of reviews and reports, accuracy and completeness in completing reports, and satisfaction with responsiveness (waiting time) at facilities medical.

According to the database, Malta has the seventh highest property price to income ratio in Europe, with a one-bedroom apartment in a central location costing an average of €822, while the average monthly salary after tax is slightly less than €1,150.

The best quality of life in the world, according to the Numbeo ranking, is in Switzerland, followed by Denmark, the Netherlands, Finland and Australia

The lowest quality of life in the world, according to Numbeo’s ranking, is found in Nigeria, followed by Iran, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka.

Numbeo is an online collaborative database that allows users to share and compare statistical information about countries and cities. It is most widely used to compare the cost of living between cities and countries. Its founder is a former Google software engineer.

Mary I. Bruner