Meet 12 female partners in Europe promoted or hired this year

Last year, Sifted released the first-ever comprehensive list of female venture capital partners in Europe.

A year later, the number of female venture capitalists has jumped – but not by much – and now sits at 301.

Who was promoted? Who moved to get a partner position? And which women have taken matters into their own hands and launched their own funds?

We profile 12 female venture capitalist partners in new roles.

Find it full list of 300+ female VC partners here.

Manon Sarah Littek and Janna Ensthaler, Green Generation Fund, Berlin

Manon Sarah Littek (left) and Janna Ensthaler

Littek and Ensthaler announced the final close of their €100 million Green Generation fund in May this year. They will invest in climate tech and food tech startups across Europe from pre-seed to Series A. Littek previously ran food impact investor Katjes Greenfood and was managing director of the venture capital arm of the German media giant Hubert Burda. Ensthaler is a serial entrepreneur.

Laura Connell, Atomico, London

A former director of Balderton, Connell joined Atomico, another London-based venture capital firm, in June 2022. At Balderton she worked closely with companies like Truecaller and Graphcore, and at Atomico she continues to focus on support for start-ups in the growth phase.

Annalize Dragic, Sapphire Ventures, London

Partner Saphir Annalize Dragic (Photo credit - Saphir)
Annalize Dragic

After almost three years at Atomico, Dragic left to join US venture capital firm Sapphire in 2020 as it began to build its European team. In December last year, she was promoted to partner and is now responsible for Series B investments through to IPO in Europe. She recently shared her take on Sifted on the “alphabet soupwhich finances round labels.

Bettine Schmitz and Gesa Miczaika, AUXXO, Berlin

Gesa Miczaika and Bettine Schmitz, Auxxo partners
Gesa Miczaika and Bettine Schmitz, Auxxo partners

Well-known names in the Berlin startup scene, Schmitz and Miczaika were both active angel investors before deciding to launch their own ventures. AUXXO, a fund of 15 million dollars seek to invest only in female founderslaunched in December 2021. 60% of its supporters are also women.

Carmen Rico, Cocoa, London

An image of Cocoa Ventures co-founders Carmen Rico and Anthony Danon
Carmen Rico and Anthony Danon of Cocoa Ventures

Previously a partner at Blossom, Rico launched her own fund — Cocoa companies, a VC designed to act more like an angel investor – in early 2022, with former Speedinvest partner Anthony Danon. This is a capital of 17 million dollars to invest in startups based in Europe in any sector.

Cécile Bassot and Florence Richardson, WinEquity, Paris

WinEquity, a new French company designed to support startups with at least one female founder, launched in October 2021. Its partners, Richardson and Bassot, also run the Femmes Business Angels network of female angel investors – and have been investing in startups ever since. decades .

Doreen Huber, EQT Ventures, Berlin

Image of former Delivery Hero COO Doreen Huber at brunch

Huber was has been part of the Berlin startup scene since its birth. His big gigs have included being sales director and then COO at Delivery Hero, and founding and running his own startup, catering platform Lemoncat, for four years until an acquisition. In September 2021, she became a partner at EQT Ventures.

Siobhan Brewster, AENU, Berlin

UNEA Senior Team Group Photo
AENU Team (Brewster is far right)

Brewster is a partner in another new Berlin-based climate tech fund, UNEA. This isn’t her first gig with a partner — she was previously a partner at Amplifier, a venture capital firm investing in the supply chain ecosystem. Brewster counts food delivery startup Yababafoodtech company Hier Foods and logistics startup Truckers than private investments.

Cleo Sham, Stride.VC, London

Sham is an operator turned VC. His first big tech job was as general manager of Uber in the Chinese megacity of Guangzhou. She then rose through the ranks, becoming director of European operations for the mobility giant, before joining scaleup real estate. Spotahome as COO. At the same time, she became a very active angel investor before joining Stride.VC as a partner last June.

Amy Lewin is editor-in-chief of Sifted and co-host of The subdued podcast. She tweets from @amyrlewin

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