Le Pen will “muzzle the press” and “bring Europe to failure”: Macron’s ally attacks | World | News

Marine Le Pen’s recent rejection of some journalists from her HQ on Sunday and her possible ascension to the presidency of the European Union, if elected French president, puts the presidential candidate on the blacklist. Amid fears that his presidency resembles an “authoritarian regime”, Macron’s allies have defended Macron’s track record and attacked Le Pen’s agenda on all fronts. French politicians and former minister Eric Woerth weighed in on Le Pen’s Europe and Freedoms agenda on French television channel Public Sénat. French politician Eric Woerth lambasted: “Do we want, do we think we should be alone in the world as Madame Le Pen would like?

“And she would, if elected, as soon as she was elected, because then she would be President of Europe.”

“She would get angry with almost any European leader, including the German leader, whom she says she has no respect for.”

Pro-EU President Emmanuel Macron currently holds the rotating EU Council presidency in hopes of pushing through an EU-wide minimum wage and carbon tax targeting online giants in the outside the EU. Eurosceptic Marine Le Pen says she has abandoned plans for ‘Frexit’ – France officially leaving the EU – and wants to renegotiate EU treaties to give member states more power.

Amid Ukraine’s war with Russia, his potential election also worries NATO, as France is the EU’s only nuclear power in the alliance.

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Mr Woerth continued: ‘And then she would agree with Mr Putin, because she said it and wrote it.’

Ms Le Pen tried to distance herself from Putin after a campaign leaflet featured a photo of her shaking hands days before the 2017 presidential election. In an interview with CNN, she told Christiane Amanpour in 2017 that Russia had not invaded the Ukrainian region of Crimea since a referendum had been organized to join Russia: “the people (of Crimea) feel Russian.

The people decided by a large majority that they wanted to belong to Russia.

She also said that Russia could become France’s ally again once the war in Ukraine is over. However, she condemned Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

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Reflecting on what a Le Pen presidency in France would mean for Europe, Mr Woerth said: “And then what do we do? We see that Europe has failed, we see that France is working with Hungary and Poland?

“That is to say two illiberal democracies, that is to say in which freedoms are reduced.”

“Because the National Front needs to explain the inexplicable, and to explain the inexplicable, at some point, after a while, the press is muzzled.”

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Formerly known as the National Front, the far-right National Rally party has changed its name as part of a de-demonization campaign to distance itself from the far-right and become more palatable to French voters.

“It’s not demonization. This exists in Europe, this is the case of Mr. Orbán, this is the case of Poland”, concluded Mr. Woerth.

Emmanuel Macron is expected to win the elections with an 8% lead over his opponent Marine Le Pen.

Mary I. Bruner