“It makes more sense to stay outside of Europe now”

With war at its doorstep, Europeans are increasingly considering emigration. Henley & Partner Chairman Chris Kaelin spoke with finenews.tv how recent events have changed the way Europeans perceive their continent.

Now that the Russian-Ukrainian conflict is in danger of escalating, more and more Europeans wish to acquire additional nationalities. This is a change from Europe which is mainly a pole of attraction for migration.

“For the past few days the phones have not stopped ringing,” said Christian Kaelinchairman of Henley & Partners, a company that helps investors and entrepreneurs obtain citizenship in other countries.

With the current situation likely to worsen, “it probably makes more sense to stay outside of Europe if you can,” Kaelin says, adding that Caribbean countries, as well as Dubai and Thailand, are gaining traction. popularity. Switzerland, however, with its high stability and level of security continues to be an attractive place to live, he says in an interview with finenews.tv.

For many Europeans, seeing national borders closed during the pandemic has shaken their self-confidence, making it clear to some that second citizenship was more of a necessity than a “nice to have”, he says.

Passports for $270,000

Kaelin, who also advises governments on how to set up such residency programs, points out that citizenship does not always cost millions of dollars, with some countries offering such privileges for as little as $272,000.

Currently, about 15 countries actively offer investment citizenship, while investment residency programs exist in about 50 countries. Overall, about 100 countries have legislation in place encompassing citizenship.

The level of demand they generate often depends on the tax levies or the complexity of the procedure.

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