Integration of biometrics, consortium promises easier secure online transactions in Europe

Large-scale biometric collaborations and global projects have made headlines on Biometric update this week, with OneSpan integrating with BankID and iProov joining an EU digital ID wallet consortium. Idemia ran a campaign to engage stakeholders on International Identity Day and also hailed its progress towards eliminating bias in facial recognition. Alcatraz AI announced the latest multi-million dollar fundraiser and the next round of consumer device biometrics updates have been revealed.

Top biometric news of the week

OneSpan’s integration with Norway’s BankID expands to support a new app that provides biometric authentication and can be used with all banks in the country. Already used by 4.3 million of Norway’s 5.5 million people, BankID is expected to serve as a secure digital ID that can be used in cross-border transactions.

iProov has joined a consortium working on a payment pilot with the EU Digital Wallet spanning across the continent. The NOBID Consortium already has strong government and private sector support, and iProov will surely bring its facial biometrics for digital ID integration or authentication.

Julien Drouet, Vice President of Identity Solutions at Idemia, explains the importance of International Identity Day for the company in a sponsored article. Drouet provides examples of the different forms that identity systems can take and describes what is needed to ensure their effectiveness. Meanwhile, the coalition supporting Identity Day, which does not include private sector entities, grew by 45% and the slogan “Because everyone deserves an identity…Identity deserves a day ” has been adopted.

Idemia also celebrates the fairness of its one-to-one facial biometrics algorithm in the latest NIST FRVT. The company says the results show significantly lower performance disparities between different groups than the rest of the 20 most accurate algorithms.

The cutout housing the hardware die behind Face ID has been changed for the iPhone 14 Pro, as revealed at Apple’s fall event. On the wearables side, the new Apple Watch has an improved temperature sensor that can apparently help track ovulation cycles. The company has also patented a system for identifying AirPod users by their inner ear biometrics.

Android 13 reintroduces software-based facial biometric device unlocking, the decompiled code says. The code includes instructions and an admission of its limitations. Fingerprint biometrics continues to proliferate among consumer devices, with Fingerprint Cards technology implemented in a personal organizer and several Motorola, Precise Biometrics and Qualcomm phones in a new Vivo, and Goodix in various Xiaomi products.

Online gambling has become an easy target for cybercriminals, writes Ricardo Amper, CEO of Incode, in a Biometric update Guest post. Amper touts biometrics and liveliness as tools that can help secure not only payments, but also player identities.

Idemia NSS has been rated at CMMI Level 3, a process improvement standard often required for US government software contracts. Nodeflux’s VisionAIre computer vision surveillance software has been certified for inclusion in a government supply catalog, the first nationwide company of its kind on the LKPP e-catalog. NEC, meanwhile, was declared a champion in AI ethics and governance certification at the recent Tech Forum 2022 in Singapore.

SITA seeks to increase collaboration on digital identities, advanced analytics and data management, safety and security in the airport environment through a new partnership program. Each Launchpad priority area is an area that the company is already working in, but is changing.

Thales North America plans to hire up to 300 new employees by the remainder of 2022, having already added nearly a thousand, in the latest signal of continued industry strength. Precise Biometrics and Socure each made internal changes to their executive ranks, while Sift brought in cybersecurity veteran Mary Writz.

EDRi and Statewatch argue that the proposed Prüm II system of sharing biometric data and other information about convicted felons rests on shaky logical ground, while removing important safeguards. The groups make ten recommendations to strengthen data protection laws.

Professor Karl Ricanek is being criticized for the composition and storage of a dataset he built on trans people for facial recognition research. He was also among the experts presenting to the US National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine at FedID as part of an information-gathering project.

Alcatraz AI has secured $25 million in a Series A funding round and plans to hire more developers in Bulgaria and sales and marketing staff in the United States. The company’s pitch deck says The Rock is the most complex biometric product ever to hit the market.

Innovative Technology Ltd. is celebrates its 30th anniversary in business, moving in this era from banknote validation to a range of cash and biometric processing solutions. ITL won the Queen’s Awards around this time and has a team of up to 350 people. Congratulations to everyone involved.

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