Intangles outlines expansion plans for Europe, US and Australia

Pune-based Intangles, a solution provider for the mobility industry that provides predictive vehicle health monitoring solution to OEMs worldwide, has acquired its first customer in the North American market, where it has already opened an office this year.

The company is also collaborating with a renowned oil and gas giant and will implement its expansion plans in international markets such as Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Vietnam and Argentina. Additionally, Intangles also plans to increase its presence in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

At present, it is present in 11 countries (India, Australia, United States, Canada, Turkey, Vietnam, Belgium, United Arab Emirates, Oman, Malaysia and Indonesia) and has already integrated 7 OEMs among its customers. It has more than 8,000 fleet operators on the platform integrating more than 60,000 active in these countries.

Intangles says that on average, it onboards around 500 fleet operators per month and processes 3 billion sensory data points daily with some of the biggest mobility brands already signed up as customers.

Anup Patil, CEO of Intangles, said: “We are delighted to have come this far. With our unparalleled technology architecture and mastery of breakthrough concepts such as digital twins and machine learning (ML), we have managed to create a resounding legacy in the mobility industry in a very short time. We have always sought to create lasting business value, not by burning investors’ cash, but by creating customer-centric, value-driven technology that finds mass-market adoption organically.

He added: “Now we aim to challenge ourselves further by pursuing exciting opportunities across Europe, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, and more. We are confident that the future holds many more milestones and accolades as we continue to raise the bar and deliver game-changing solutions to our customers around the world.

The company has more than 8,000 fleet operators on its vehicle health monitoring platform. Some names among these include KM Trans Logistics, CJ Darcl, Kapoor Diesel, Purple, SRS Travels, V-Trans, Raman Roadways, Chartered and many more.

Its ecosystem of enterprise partners includes technology companies, systems integrators, technology services and telematics companies. Some of its partners include Intel, Quectel, Linde, and RedBus, among others. Its OEM customers include Mahindra Truck and Bus, Mahindra Construction Equipment, Greaves Cotton, Blue Energy and BPW, to name a few.

Mary I. Bruner