IFMI: What trends will impact companies’ fleet strategy in 2022?

In 2021, the fleet industry faced complex challenges and learned hard lessons. Which of these lessons holds true as we navigate the unknowns of a new year? On January 25, the International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) will welcome two industry experts, who will provide essential guide for the corporate fleet strategy to follow in 2022. Click here to register.

For 18 years, the IFMI has been a very popular meeting point for managers of international fleets. Its sessions provide a unique opportunity to share knowledge and find pathways to success. This year, IFMI is focusing on the challenges that await international fleet managers in 2022. The upcoming IFMI session will present a crucial learning opportunity for international fleet managers who wish to make the most of hard-learned lessons. last year and use that knowledge to guide their path to sustainability and success in 2022.

Trends and taxation

During the IFMI session on January 25, moderated by Fleet Europe editor-in-chief Steven Schoefs, two industry experts will examine the impact of the 2021 trends and highlight critical aspects of the corporate fleet strategy in 2022 for:

  • Present an image of Fleet Outlook 2022, taking into account relevant trends and regulations,
  • Dig out all the fleet managers who are looking to know to develop their corporate fleet strategy in 2022.

Marc Odinius, CEO of Dataforce, will speak in the Fleet sales trends 2022 presentation to take stock of the figures and trends in 2021 and give perspectives for 2022. These perspectives will include:

  • a view of significant market trends,
  • sales of company fleets in Europe, and
  • adoption of alternative and electric powertrains.

Alexander Unfried, European Automotive Tax Industry Leader and Partner, PwC, will provide an overview of Taxation of company cars in 2022, with:

  • country information, and
  • regulatory changes expected.

2022 and beyond

The knowledge shared by Marc Odinius and Alexander Unfried will be the subject of an interactive discussion and Q&A with IFMI partners, allowing participants to deepen their understanding of 2022 trends and perspectives.

If you want to know the most important trends to watch in 2022, see all the scenarios facing your corporate fleet program and achieve sustainability in an increasingly complex industry, IFMI is waiting for you.

Send your questions!

Fleet managers will have a rare chance to pose their questions to our esteemed experts during the interactive chat. You can submit your questions in advance to Steven Schoefs, editor-in-chief of Fleet Europe and moderator of the next IFMI session.

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Image: Alexander Unfried (left), European automotive tax leader and partner, PwC; and Marc Odinius, CEO of Dataforce.

Mary I. Bruner