Hunter World is set to release in Europe and America in 2022

Dragon Trail: Hunter World is already a hit across Asia after its launch, and is slated for release in Europe and America very soon. Dragon Trail: Hunter World is set to be one of the biggest releases of 2022, and is now available for pre-registration on both android and iOS. Before we start explaining why you should play Dragon Trail at the earliest opportunity, here’s what it’s all about.

Choose your pet and start your adventure on Star Island as a young tribal

dragon trail is a Pet Collector RPG set on a fictional paradise called star island. You play as an adventurous tribal youth whose equally adventurous father is missing – presumed dead or having an affair. You went looking for answers, but instead you find Fire Wythern emerging from an egg in a jungle clearing.

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This is followed by a murderous scratch with gruesome beasts, and the discovery of an ancient text called the Book of Loyat. Your objective is now to reveal the prophecy contained in the text. Oh, and to uncover the mystery of your father’s disappearance. Also, your fellow tribesmen are being ravaged by dragons, so you’ll need to do something about it.

Aiding you in your quest is an array of weird and wonderful creatures, which you’ll find in various locations across Star Island. And that’s not all. You can also recruit several different classes of human warriors to aid you in your fight. The courses offered are Warrior, Ranger, Priestand Assassinand they all bring their own unique qualities to your so-called Dragoncide Squad.

Game Features

1. Dynamic graphics

There are plenty of graphically impressive games on mobile at this point, but Dragon Trail is in a league of its own in the mobile RPG sphere. Not only are the graphics a technical feat, but the art design is sensational as well. The game’s human and animal cast looks like something out of a Pixar movie in terms of its finish, and the whole thing is full of personality.

2. Star Island

It’s not just due to the characters. Star Island is practically a character in its own right – a solid, dynamic landscape with its own unique geography and architecture. You’ll explore Star Island from top to bottom in your quest to find your father and defeat the dragons attacking your people, and you’ll enjoy every minute.

Explore the jungle in Dragon Trail: Hunter World release game
Dragon Trail: Hunter World gameplay (Image via TTHmobi)

3. Compelling story

A good story is a secret sauce in all great RPGs, from Final Fantasy to Mass Effect. Dragon Tail begins with a fantastic narrative setup, giving you not just a father to find, but an enemy to defeat, a wyvern to bond with, and a book to decipher.

4. Fantastic Beasts

Encountering a Fire Wyvern is pretty much the first thing that happens in Dragon Trail, and this pattern continues as you welcome a variety of exotic creatures into the fold. There are ice bears, bluish parrots, mammoths and many other imaginary animals. Some are adorable, some are good-natured, and some are naughty. Each of them is both a bonding opportunity and a deadly combat asset.

5. Building a rich world

Dragon Trail does not take place in any old standard fantasy universe. It takes place in an incredibly rich fantasy universe with its own tribal lore. The costumes you wear, the people you meet, the creatures you befriend, and the monsters you kill are all part of a world imagined by very talented people with very high aesthetic standards.

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