How much Leicester City won from Europe with Conference League prize money up for grabs

Leicester City’s potential gains from a race for Europa Conference silverware will be pale compared to what could have been won in the Europa League or the Champions League.

City will take part in UEFA’s third tier competition from next month, starting with the round of 16 against Danish side Randers, after being knocked out of the Europa League in December.

They are expected to go far in the Conference League and are only second behind Jose Mourinho’s Roma with bookies to lift the trophy.

Silver comes with wins, and a race to the trophy would see City win 10.9million euros (£ 9.2million), with prices increasing for each stage of the competition reached.

But if City were still in the Europa League, qualifying for the final and knocking out the winners would earn a lot more, at € 19.5million (£ 16.4million).

Both of these numbers are simply from the cash prizes, but TV revenues will be a big part of the money the clubs receive.

For example, City are expected to earn € 15.7million (£ 13.2million) in TV revenue from their participation in the Europa League group stage, while Tottenham, in the Europa League Conference, won only around 5.2 million euros (£ 4.4 million). ) from broadcast games.

The good news for City is that they are already estimated to have won more from this season’s European tour than last season.

Football finance blog SwissRamble expect City’s total revenue from their campaign so far to be € 21.7million (£ 18.2million), a few million more than last season, the figure s’ rising to 17.4 million euros for a race in which the club have been knocked out in the last 32 games. stage, losing to Slavia Prague.

There’s also the ticket revenue bonus, which City didn’t receive last season with all European matches being played behind closed doors.

But the big blow is that City aren’t getting the kind of money they might have received had they hung on for a Champions League spot.

For the second season in a row, City have moved out of the top four in the final weeks of the campaign.

The four clubs which have played in the Champions League this season – Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and Chelsea – have all reportedly earned at least € 78million (£ 65.6million) in the group stage alone.

Mary I. Bruner