GroupM introduces Finecast in Spain – Digital TV Europe

Media investment firm GroupM has announced the launch of Finecast in Spain.

Finecast is an addressable television company that enables advertisers to personalize advertisements in on-demand, linear and live television environments.

New technologies and opportunities for advertising in the TV environment – ​​including advertising on Linear, Connected TV, HbbTV and OTT – will be available to GroupM agency clients.

Nicola Lewis, Global CEO of Finecast, said: “Our global addressable TV advertising platform brings together and combines the inventory available in the new market reality (CTV, OTT and HbbTV), delivering a premium product that broadcasts advertisements in a brand-safe television environment. , with high reach and active attention. Finecast’s platform simplifies and facilitates advertisers’ access to the entire TV environment through a single access point, allowing them to use all new possibilities, turning the fragmented landscape into an advantage. I am convinced that Finecast will be as well received in Spain as it has been in other markets.

Maribel Vivancos, Director of Finecast Spain, added: “Our partnerships with premium data providers facilitate the intelligent segmentation of audiences based on socio-demographic, geographic, lifestyle/life stage and economic behavior variables. This provides very accurate TV audience profiles. With the global advertising platform we’re launching today, we can regain lost linear television audiences by applying greater targeting capabilities using these new television content consumption environments. The benefit of only targeting households that belong to our target audience, and even creating different segments and targeting them with different creatives, allows us to deliver more effective and efficient actions.”

Mary I. Bruner