Google Flights: CAD $568 offer to Europe from Vancouver

Find out how to take advantage of an ultra-low ticket at the gates of Europe.

If you’re looking to spend some time in Europe out of season, this new offer offers a return ticket for a fraction of the normal price.

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is located between and above Germany and Belgium and is a great place to explore much of Western Europe.

While the country’s main international airport, Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), continues to experience lengthy flight delays and cancellations, the Dutch hub tends to see less traffic in the fall. Additionally, AMS chief executive Dick Benschop announced Sept. 15 that he was stepping down amid the current congestion, according to Bloomberg.

If you’re looking to visit the Dutch capital after the chaos of summer, WestJet offers a round-trip fare that’s cheaper than what you might pay to fly across Canada.

You can find several return options on Google Flights departing from Vancouver International Airport (YVR) for less than $570 CAD, including taxes and fees, right now. For example, the flight below includes a longer route to Amsterdam with two stops (one in Kelowna and a longer one in Calgary), while the return flight only has a very short stopover in Calgary. The total cost, including taxes and fees, is $568.16 CAD.

According to Google, these flights are $249 cheaper than usual, with prices for the trip averaging between $680 CAD and $1,400 CAD.

Photo via Google Flights/WestJet

You can book your flights online with Google Flights.

What locals need to know about flights to Vancouver right now

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Mary I. Bruner