Gibraltar’s new EU-wide tax residency application

Gibraltar’s new European-wide tax residency application. Image – Site Ovrnite

Gibraltar’s new “Ovrnite” tax residency app has expanded its offering to tax residents across Europe.

Although ratified by the United Kingdom on behalf of Gibraltar in March of this year, and by the Spanish Senate in September of this year, January 1, 2022 is the first day of a full fiscal year in which the convention is in force.

The tax treaty sets out the rules that will determine the tax residence between Gibraltar and Spain. Gibraltar tax residents must ensure that they comply with the requirements for establishing Gibraltar tax residence – namely – being present in Gibraltar for 183 days per year.

Spending 183 days in Spain in the same year could result in a resident of Gibraltar also meeting the criteria for Spanish tax residency. The treaty provides for a tie-breaker mechanism to determine where an individual resides in these circumstances, with an individual spending 183 nights in Spain being considered tax resident in Spain.

A spokesperson for Ovrnite commented “the idea of ​​developing the Ovrnite Tax Residency app arose out of the Gibraltar-Spain tax treaty, but the app. has obvious potential for much wider application. Since we launched the app just over 6 weeks ago, we have downloaded and used the app in over 26 countries around the world with a strong desire for us to release a European version of the app. . The release of a European-wide version was therefore the obvious next step. “

The app now supports residency in all European geographic jurisdictions including Andorra, Channel Islands, Isle of Man, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Montenegro as well as all other European countries.

Where you spend days and nights is an important feature of the Gibraltar-Spain tax treaty, as it is with tax regimes around the world. Ovrnite the Tax Residency App helps residents by automatically tracking the jurisdictions where they spend their time.

For Gibraltar residents and UK citizens in Europe, the app also contains a handy ‘Schengen Tracker’ counting the ’90 out of 180′ visa-free travel limit that applies to UK citizens.

Ovrnite is available for free download in the App. Store and on Google Play.

More information about the application. is available at

Click here to download from the App Store

Click here to download from Google Play

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Mary I. Bruner