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Journalist Katrin Bennhold explained that Germany had reinterpreted its history and that a change was occurring in its traditional response to hostility from Russia. Under Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s new leadership, Germany could become a military leader in Europe as he announced that Berlin would increase defense spending for the first time in more than 50 years. The new policy was announced days after Russia invaded Ukraine in a show that Ms Bennhold suggested showed Berlin’s willingness to “defend our democracy”.

Ms Bennhold told BBC Newsnight: “I wouldn’t be so cynical, I think something real has changed here.

“And you know, the Germans sort of reinterpreted their history pretty quickly.

“And realized, yeah, we were reluctant in the past to use military intervention, in part because we know what it’s like to be on the wrong side of history.

“We didn’t really trust each other, I think today they kind of internalized the feeling that freedom has a price, it has a price.

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Ms Bennhold added: ‘We have to defend our democracy and indeed our history is a reason to become more of a military leader in Europe.

Mr Urban said: “Is it in that sense, sorry, a kind of normalization of Germany? In that sense in its attitude to defense and security.

Ms Bennhold said: ‘Yeah, I would say this is kind of the last possible big step that Germany as a country is taking towards becoming a more normal country.

Germany has a history of fascism and war crimes due to the Nazi party during World War II, they are known to have committed some of the most evil crimes against humanity.

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Due to Germany’s history, they mostly remained neutral, but Chancellor Olaf Scholz made changes to that.

Since the invasion of Ukraine, Mr. Scholz has pledged to increase Germany’s defense fund.

One of the reasons given by Russian President Vladimir Putin for invading neighboring Ukraine was that he was trying to “denazify” the country.

The demands sparked a diplomatic spat both in traditional channels and on social media.


The Russian Embassy tweeted: “Unfortunately, Germany has been silent for these 8 years. Where have you been, experts?

“What you should really be sorry for is that you failed to persuade Ukraine to implement the Minsk agreements and sit down to negotiate with Donetsk and Lugansk, as they planned.”

And in response, the German Embassy in South Africa said: “Sorry, but we can’t stay silent on this one, it’s just way too cynical. What (Russia) is doing to (Ukraine) is slaughtering innocent children, women and men. for his own benefit. It is certainly not “fighting Nazism”. Shame on anyone who falls into the trap. (Unfortunately, we are a bit of an expert on Nazism.)”

Many people compared Putin to Hitler because of his behavior. International lawyers are recording and tracking Putin’s war crimes, to hold him accountable when the fighting stops.

There is also a certain irony because the Russians were among the most heroic when it came to defending their own country during World War II.

Mary I. Bruner