FIFA denies reports it may postpone Women’s World Cup to favor Europe

FIFA has dismissed claims that it is considering postponing next year’s Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand in order to secure better deals for the tournament’s broadcast rights in Europe.

According to a report by the French newspaper The TeamFIFA has unofficially surveyed “several European football leaders” to gauge their appetite for postponing the start of the Women’s World Cup for several months.

Such a move would see the tournament, which last week celebrated a year before the opener at Eden Park, played during the Australian summer, which is winter in the northern hemisphere.

The motivation, according to the report, is due to lower-than-expected television rights revenues from European broadcasters, which The Team are currently lower than those received for the 2019 Women’s World Cup in France – due to differences in time zones, which would see games played early in the morning in Europe, and also because August is considered an unfavorable period for broadcasters.

Any changes – especially at this late stage – would have a dramatic impact not only on the preparations for the event, but also on the global calendar, which is only stabilizing after nearly three years of pandemic-related disruptions, and would have significant ripple effects. for leagues and other tournaments around the world.

However, a FIFA spokesperson dismissed the reports out of hand and said no postponement was planned.

FIFA has denied claims it was considering postponing the 2023 Women’s World Cup to favor European broadcasters.Credit:Getty

“Following the success of the ‘One Year Until the End’ event, the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 is scheduled to kick off on July 20, 2023. No changes to the dates of the competition are planned,” the carrier said. word.

A Football Australia spokesperson also said the organization continued to plan for the start of the World Cup as planned.

Mary I. Bruner