Europe must ensure that the Kremlin war in Ukraine fails or worse will follow

The free world has made many good decisions in favor of Ukraine. But we have to speed it up. What Ukraine needs today are weapons to repel the aggressor and liberate her country.

And we must be careful with premature calls for ceasefire and peace. Remember that for half of Europe, peace after World War II did not mean the end of atrocities, but more repression. This is now being repeated in Russian-occupied territories in Ukraine – children being deported en masse to Russia, women being raped, men imprisoned.

Russia’s war in Ukraine fundamentally changed the security environment in Europe. We must move from a forward wired presence to a modern forward defense model that involves combat forces ready and in place, with persistent and rapidly scalable reinforcement of the entire NATO alliance.

Our posture of strength must clearly demonstrate not only the will, but also the ability to defend every inch of its territory.

The UK has been a NATO framework nation for the battlegroup in Estonia since 2017 and has doubled its forces in Estonia since the Russian invasion on February 24. We are grateful to every British soldier in Estonia and look forward to working closely together to further strengthen the defense of the Baltic Sea region.

Mary I. Bruner