Ericsson files more lawsuits against Apple in Europe and Brazil

Ericsson has filed new lawsuits against Apple in Europe and Brazil, after filing similar claims in the United States earlier this week.

Juventus patent reports:

Swedish networking technology maker Ericsson has filed new patent infringement lawsuits against Apple. Until now, the market was only aware of the patent and ITC lawsuits of the two companies in the United States.

However, Ericsson has now confirmed to JUVE Patent that the company also filed lawsuits against Apple in Dusseldorf, Mannheim and Munich earlier this week. The party has also filed additional lawsuits in the Netherlands and Brazil, with Ericsson accusing Apple of infringing several patents, including 5G patents.

The Düsseldorf cases have confirmed case numbers, however, the Mannheim and Munich cases have yet to be confirmed. Earlier this week, Ericsson sued Apple in the United States, claiming the Cupertino company infringed mobile technology patents held by the Swedish company relating to 2G, 3G and 4G. This technology, used in all of Apple’s top iPhones, including the iPhone 13, was licensed to Apple under an agreement signed in 2015 but which has since expired.

Not to be outdone, Apple on Thursday filed a lawsuit against Ericsson with the U.S. International Trade Commission, saying its own patents were infringed in Ericsonn’s mobile base station products, asking the body to ban imports.

Juve speculate that Ericsson could still bring further lawsuits in other countries, with no clear signs of a resolution of the pending dispute. Ericsson does not appear to be seeking any ban or restriction on the importation of Apple products, but simply wants a court to award it a licensing fee. Ericsson had previously requested a $5/unit licensing fee, which Apple denied, sparking the dispute.

In its ITC filing, Apple said it was prepared to drop its lawsuit against Ericsson if the Swedish company returned the favor.

Mary I. Bruner