Do you plan to work in Europe as a Data Scientist? Here are the average salaries across Europe.

It is a common understanding in Pakistan that Europe is the most profitable place for professionals in all fields. Every Pakistani professional dreams of getting a job in any country in Europe. Especially young tech-related professionals dream of getting a job in a big IT company in Europe. However, no one knows exactly how much these countries pay their employees.

Since the appearance of Shafia Iqbal in one of Junaid Akram’s recent videos, this dream has taken a serious boost in the hopes of Pakistani computer enthusiasts. And for obvious reasons, even she wasn’t keen on revealing her earnings from working for Google.

Here we have the average salaries you should expect if you manage to land a job in one of the high-tech companies as a data scientist in Europe.

The average expected first-year salary for a data scientist in Europe is 50k€ per year, who is around 1 crore 20 lac, which totals about 10 lakes per month; a number that any data scientist cannot even dream of if working in Pakistan. We know that number sounds too good to be true and way more than you expected. But trust us when we say you can’t get a significantly lower package than this.

And unsurprisingly, the salary increases as you spend more years with the company and gain more experience. Your salary can go up to 60k€ in 5 years, i.e. the average salary of a data scientist in Europe. The highest data scientist salary can be up to 185k€ in Europe if you have been working there for more than ten years.

These numbers are fascinating, but they have significant problems. The first problem that comes your way is finding a job in the first place. The standard by which these companies judge is top notch. They require their employees to be excellent in all areas, such as communication and personalities. Apart from that, they require modern knowledge of technologies, unfortunately not provided to Pakistani students by universities. You must learn about modern innovations on your own if you are seeking your degree in any Pakistani university. In addition to that, you should have a visible appearance in international tech forums, like StackOverflow or GitHub, where you should help solve other people’s problems.

The second problem may be the cost of living in Europe. Most people expect to provide their families with gold standards living in Pakistan while working in Europe, which seems relatively easy when they look at their salaries. But they don’t realize that most of their salary will be spent living in these expensive European cities, leaving little to send home. Most people who return from these countries often say that they can support their family and save more for their family living in Pakistan with much lower salary than foreign countries.

But if you can overcome these issues and focus on achieving your goals, you can definitely have the benefits of living in Europe and serving as a data scientist at your dream company.

We hope this has given you hope and motivation to get this job, and that more Pakistanis will start representing us in the future.

Mary I. Bruner