Disneyland Paris and Val d’Europe Agglomeration announce new development objectives for the future

Almost 35 years after Euro Disney and the French government started working together to develop Val d’Europe, this territory has become one of the most attractive in Ile-de-France thanks to a unique public-private partnership. and successful.

Val d’Europe is the easternmost part of the city of Marne-la-Vallée, just 35 km east of Paris. The Walt Disney Company created the city, which is located about 5 minutes from Disneyland Paris. The town is made up of five towns: Bailly-Romainvilliers, Chessy, Coupvray, Mangy-le-Hongre and Serris. There is also a Val d’Europe shopping center, which has 190 stores and 30 restaurants over 1,000,000 square feet.

With around 540,000 m² of offices and activities already fitted out, Val d’Europe is ready to enter a new phase of development, becoming an economic hub in the heart of north-western Europe, welcoming more and more companies. national and international in an attractive setting.

To do this, Val d’Europe Agglomeration and the Real Estate Development by Euro Disney team are strengthening their partnership to offer an innovative real estate and services offer, adapted to future needs, to support companies and their employees in their establishment in the area. .

Under the banner “Val d’Europe, Champs d’Opportunités”, a new common brand unveiled at the annual SIMI fair, the common partners will work to increase the attractiveness of the region for companies and talents wishing to evolve in a multicultural environment which combines economic growth, accessibility and living environment balanced between culture, nature and environmental protection.

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‘Val d’Europe, Champs d’Opportunités’, a common brand to promote Val d’Europe

In an increasingly competitive environment, promoting the territory and its assets to target audiences and accelerating its economic development have become increasingly important. Val d’Europe Agglomeration has therefore decided to join forces with Real Estate Development by Euro Disney to jointly promote the attractiveness of the territory under the new brand “Val d’Europe, Champs d’Opportunités”.

This unique cooperation between a private company and a local authority revolves around three key objectives: improving the image and visibility of Val d’Europe; foster a collective dynamic by involving economic players; and retain and gain new users. Val d’Europe and Real Estate Development by Euro Disney will join forces with the economic networks of the Ile-de-France region, real estate companies and regional ambassadors to get their messages across loud and clear.

Val d’Europe brings together all the conditions necessary for the development of a healthy living environment that benefits everyone, businesses, employees and residents included.

This is what the elected officials of Val d’Europe have always wanted to give to this exceptional territory through town planning and investment actions. Our desire to further develop this territory over the coming decades and to pursue economic, social and cultural development without harming the spirit of proximity as part of a sustainable urbanization process and in compliance with the objectives of the climate plan -air-energy is a challenge. we are facing for future generations.

Our common brand, “Val d’Europe, Champs d’Opportunités”, underlines this objective.

Philippe Descrouet, President of Val d’Europe Agglomeration

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Val d’Europe, “the most dynamic city in France for business development”

The city is home to 6,300 companies, according to the Val d’Europe 2021 Economic Observatory, established in the territory since 2004, and nearly 420,000 m² of office space and modern activities were developed during the same period. , as well as services designed to meet the needs of businesses and their employees. In addition, it has an average occupancy rate of 94%.

On average, four to five businesses of all types and sizes set up shop in this neighborhood each week. The employment rate is 1.46 and the annual job creation rate is 3.9%. In 2019, the office vacancy rate was only 4.4%.

For example, Deloitte, the world’s leading consulting group, chose this district among 88 other sites in Europe to build its training center for Europe, the Middle East and Africa, following a call for eight-year tenders.

Also present in the territory are Henkel, Orange, Sanofi, AG2R – La Mondiale, and the recently opened headquarters of Crédit Agricole Brie Picardie, which has also set up its network of start-up accelerators “Le Village by CA” on the theme tourism. economy, building a sustainable city and the agro-food industry.

Val d’Europe Agglomeration welcomes Medic Global in 2023

Val d’Europe continues to expand its portfolio of activities with the imminent arrival of Medic Global, a leader in innovative multidisciplinary health centers that bring together a wide variety of specialties such as doctors, dentists, pediatricians, osteopaths, physiotherapists, pharmacists and opticians. . The nearly 6,000 square meter facility will be located in the heart of the city and developed in an iconic Art Deco style, soon becoming Medic Global’s sixth operating center. The nationwide healthcare provider has four additional centers under construction, five under construction permits and seven new projects underway.

With the rapid growth of new ways of working such as teleworking and coworking, Val d’Europe has shown the power of its tourism, economic and commercial capacities.

The arrival of companies of all sizes, including large strategic companies like Deloitte and Crédit Agricole in a turbulent economic context, heralds a new role for this economic hub, making the solution that reconciles various needs – for example, the internationalization – with a real quality of life during face-to-face work, while providing flexible solutions for an attractive property.

The public-private partnership, underlined by the new common brand with Val d’Europe Agglomeration, will show companies the tremendous opportunities offered to those who join us today and tomorrow.

Christophe Giral, Director of Real Estate Development at Euro Disney

To learn more about Disneyland Paris, visit DisneylandParis.com.

Mary I. Bruner