CWT | European Business Travel News


Key people

Patrick Andersen, President and CEO
Nick Vornakis, Chief Client Officer
Derek Sharp, Director of Traveler Experience
John Pelant, Chief Technology Officer
Bill Courtney, Chief Financial Officer

Main sectors of activity

Energy, resources and marine, financial services, life sciences, technology, media and telecommunications, professional services and international organizations, military and governments

Other services

RoomIt Hotel Platform Offering Expanded Hotel Rates, Intelligent Search & Reservation Tools, Analytics & Reporting, and Hotel Search Consulting Services, CWT Meetings & Events Specialist Division, CWT Solutions Group Consulting Division

type of company

Private enterprise

Office locations

Brussels, Frankfurt, Rome, Milan, Turin, Genoa, Bari, Lisbon, Zurich, Madrid, Dublin, Athens, Stockholm, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Warsaw, Prague, Budapest, Kyiv, Tallinn, Riga, Vilnius, Minneapolis, Amsterdam, Paris, London and Singapore

Membership of the association and the network


Full-time equivalent staff

11,500 (worldwide)

Average seniority

11 years old


Amedee, Saber

Online booking tools

Amadeus cytric, GetThere, Serko, SAP Concur, Traveldoo, myCWT (proprietary), Deem (in North America), Zillios (in India), Argo STO (in Brazil)

Expense management tools

Chrome River, SAP Concur, Cytric Spending Amadeus, Serko Zeno

Other technology

myCWT travel management platform accessible through six channels – phone, email, OBT, web, mobile and messaging (Microsoft Teams and Facebook Workplace), global traveler profile management system, suite of proprietary business intelligence tools and data reporting – AnalytIQs, AnswerIQ, Return To Travel Dashboards, suite of safety and security solutions (proprietary and through partners such as International SOS and WorldAware), Program Messenger (proprietary) personalized communication service, CWT Travel Essentials (Sherpa) a tool providing information on applicable travel restrictions, procedures and requirements based on a traveler’s itinerary and profile, carbon footprint indicators at the point of booking (Thrust Carbon) , air and hotel price optimization tools, customer travel solutions, travel approval, virtual payment, VAT recovery solutions, tax and immigration compliance (Tracker Software Technologies), jet lag application (Timeshifter).

CDN content

Saber, Amadeus and Travelfusion. CWT is working closely with our airlines and technology partners to pilot new NDC content capabilities through GDS.

Key innovations in 2021

Added new features and functionality to CWT Travel Essentials on applicable travel restrictions, procedures and requirements based on a traveler’s profile and itinerary. Improved myCWT platform with new features such as in-flight seat selection, search functionality to find hotels near an office, better support for travel disruptions and expansion of its support channel from messaging to more customers. Launch of the Intelligent Display recommendation engine on the RoomIt hotel platform. Equip travel advisors with a customer experience platform to give them a real-time, 360° view of a traveler’s journey across all channels. Amadeus Integrated Sales Platform Connect to European global service hubs.

Mary I. Bruner