CAF invests in Unblur to boost the Govtech sector in Europe | Atalayar

CAF – Development Bank of Latin America – has taken a stake in Unblur SL, a startup that offers digital solutions to governments and public organizations to streamline and optimize disaster and disaster response decision-making emergency. Unblur’s mission is to provide useful technologies to commanders and responders to save lives and protect property and the environment.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation of all industries and sectors, triggering a boom in the Govtech sector, made up of companies that offer technological solutions to optimize the quality and agility of public administration. Today, the Govtech market generates more than $400 billion per year worldwide.

The investment, made through FIDE (Fund for Investment and Business Development to Support Small and Medium Enterprises) is strategically relevant for CAF as one of Europe’s most visible Govtech companies, providing technologies to the public sector with a forward-thinking vision, in preparation for international expansion in Latin America in 2024.

Unblur is a Govech founded in 2016 with headquarters in Spain, currently operating in the UK, Denmark and Sweden, and in its short-term plans it plans to consolidate in the European market, as a preliminary step to the international expansion.. Unblur provides services to various fire services such as the London Fire Brigade which is the largest fire brigade in Europe, Shropshire, Mid and West Wales and Hereford & Worcester Fire and Rescue Service and the Fire Service College, a reference European and worldwide in terms of specialized training. for firefighters.

The IRIS digital platform integrates artificial intelligence capabilities for emergency response. The solution aggregates static information (operational procedures, contingency plans, maps, risks and historical data) and dynamic information (drones, cameras, GPS and IoT sensors), which is processed in real time and analyzed to provide specific recommendations to the commanders of the intervention teams. IRIS is a transversal platform that responds to public bodies, private companies, infrastructures such as ports, airports and power stations.

Unblur was awarded the “Best Govtech Startup” award at the Govtech Summit, the “Seal of Excellence” and in 2020 received the European Commission’s EIC Accelerator program for the best innovative initiatives.

The use of the IRIS platform by public emergencies, firefighters, civil protection and police will significantly optimize emergency response, demonstrating the importance of integrating technology in the public sector. It is expected that by improving the response to these services, Unblur will have a positive impact on the economic and social development of the region, and that CAF’s investment will enable the scalability of this technology so that these solutions can be put available to the public administrations of Latin America and the Caribbean.

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