An American in Europe reflects on the dangers facing our country and the need to fix our problems quickly — The South Dakota Standard

I can’t post this entry without mentioning the 4th of July. It was just another Monday in Italy, but for generations it’s been a day for Americans to celebrate the men and women who risked and sacrificed lives and fortunes so that they and their offspring could live free. oppression when the easiest way would have been to live their daily lives in accordance with George III, Jefferson Davis, adolf hitler and Faubus d’Orval.

Distance often breeds clarity, and I’m glad to be here and not there to have had an even more heartbreaking fourth. In just two months, we’ve seen so many stories of how really mean humans who might just have been “good guys” to their neighbors and friends went to work, paid their taxes, and said good night to their children, could create societies and laws whose purpose and effects were to subjugate, oppress and even exterminate humans who were not the “good people”.

The American experiment in self-government was based on the idea that we did not need a God-ordained leader to order our political lives. Not the British monarch, not Der Fuhrer, not a self-selected landed gentry who maintained political control by counting 60% of their humans enslaved as the ultimate voting basis, not certain church leaders who claim “the truth”, nor or as we see all around us in Rome, the statues and temples dedicated to the many emperors who were regularly deified during their lifetime in as the last divine Donald.

America only works if the majority of the people and their political leaders believe in their hearts in the neutrally enforced rule of law and the orderly transfer of power when elections are lost. This is no longer the case in the USA.

One of the two dominant political parties is replete with what I consider to be traitors to America, those who will impose their will by effectively rigging the election of legislators, aborting the selection process for Supreme Court justices and, in America’s Most Flagrant Betrayal, use specious schemes and force to try to overturn the election of a president. This effort was led by the person who took office without winning the popular vote, and encouraged by nearly every Republican leader, including a serving SCOTUS member. Do not tell me Ginny and Clarence had no pillow talk about sedition. I was born one day, but not yesterday.

To date, more 70% of registered Republicans agree with the coup attempt of January 6 (shown above in a Stephanie Keith/REUTERS Photo). This is a sobering fact. Only 30% Germans voted for Hitler in 1932.

Think about it: an overwhelming majority of the party that dominates and controls the justice system in two-thirds of the states agrees with sedition. His favorite for the presidential inauguration is a Mussolini alligator that uses the state machinery of government to punish political opponentsand is applauded for it.

His favorite for VP spot would rather a 10-year-old rape victim have the resulting baby than not, and not be forced out of office by her own party.

We no longer live in a society with common, even remote, standards. Without common norms and values, there is no country.

We see in European history what happens when the right people fail to arrest the right people. Good Americans must decide whether they would rather live on their knees or die standing. Our Good American predecessors made that decision, which is why we’re still in the United States and not Lindbergh’s America First or the Confederation.

We sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” not “God Save the Queen”, “America” ​​and not “The Horst Wessel Song”.

Our elected leaders are committed to upholding and defending the Constitution of the United States and not Der Fuhrer or Der Donald or Der Santis.

I hope you had a happy and thoughtful Fourth.

Lawrence Lopardo is a 66-year-old recovering lawyer who travels Europe with his wife Deborah. For 23 years, he was the legal director of a regional health care company. Previously, he was sequentially a business law litigator, then general manager of an electronics manufacturer. He holds three degrees from the University of California, Berkeley, where he graduated cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa, with a Bachelor of Arts in European History, a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, and a Juris Doctor. From 1976 to 2002, he was a carding member of the Republican Party, which left him.

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