A major government entity in Europe

PRESS RELEASE: A Major Government Eentity in Europe chooses PrivX® from SSH

Helsinki, Finland

SSH today announced that a major government entity in Europe, following an extensive testing program, has selected PrivX® as their privileged access management solution. The client is another victory for SSH.

The value of the annual transaction is 0.9 million euros of PrivX solution licenses per subscription for a large and highly connected systems environment.

“I am extremely happy that we won this agreement with this important government entity. This victory demonstrates the strength of SSH PrivX and our new approach to privileged access management, ”said Dr Teemu Tunkelo, CEO of SSH.

“PrivX has already proven to be a very competitive and successful product in the finance, manufacturing and software as a service markets. Today, we are further strengthening our presence with government clients. The PrivX IT, OT and MSP editions have been well received by our large existing and new customers during this year. This major gain further accelerates the growth trajectory of PrivX, with the growth in SSH subscription revenues and our recurring revenues allowing us to learn and further develop the portfolios of products, solutions, support and services with customers. major in our key customer segments. This transaction is the biggest single PrivX victory in our history and an important step in our strategic efforts to increase the size of PrivX transactions and diversify the operating environments where PrivX is the best fit. Dr Tunkelo continues.

PrivX is a lean, quick to implement and easy to use access management solution for privileged access in on-premises, hybrid and cloud environments. PrivX helps customers to enable, monitor and flexibly control access to critical data based on the roles and privileges of predefined user groups.

Businesses around the world are using PrivX for a variety of use cases, including securing their DevOps processes, providing access in IT / OT convergence between the production site and the cloud, protecting access code repository and improving third-party access security in both interactive and application-to-application solutions. .

For more PrivX® information, please visit: SSH PrivX

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